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Disaster Awareness PSA


iMovie is a moviemaking app that allows students to make beautiful HD movies anywhere with everything they need to tell a digital story through an iPad or iPhone.


    Learning Objectives

    Learning Objectives

    Students will:

    • collaborate with others to complete a digital project
    • use critical thinking skills to solve real world problems
    • communicate effectively with others
    • publish a digital product worthy of sharing with an audience

    Activity Details

    1. Challenge students to create a product (Public Service Announcement) to be shared with the community that will educate residents on what to do in advance of a disaster to minimize the effects.  Inform students that they will need to create a product that can be shared easily and one that will work on a variety of devices.
    2. Introduce (or reintroduce) the iMovie app.  Remind students of the process of recording video using the iPad.  For a bried, but step-by-step tutorial of iMovie, go to
    3. Allow students to select a type of disaster that they wisht to educate others about.
    4. Students will utilize print and electronic sources to gather and evaluate the latest information regarding the possible effects on their community in the event of a disaster of the type selected.  Students will outline these possibilities and research the best preventative measures and identify all possible preparations that could be made to reduce the negative effects.
    5. Students will identify, contact and interview an expert in a field related to their chosen topic.  The interview could be related to background information, or could be included as part of the preparedness efforts.  The research gathered will be converted into a script that could be included in iMovie, or used in the text content that accompanies the iMovie video.
    Assessment Strategies

    Assessment Strategies

    1. Students will share the product with one other team for peer review, and evaluate the feedback provided to make improvements and/or changes.
    2. Students will produce a final copy of the product in iMovie format and share it with the teacher for electronic distribution to the community.

    Background and Preparation

    Background / Preparation

    Teacher will need to ensure that the iMovie App is installed on all student and teacher iPads.