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Educreating a Disaster Plan


Educreations allows you to create and record lessons for students to view independently.  In addition, it give students a creative media they can use to prepare presentations for their teachers and classmates.


    Learning Objectives

    Learning Objectives

    Students will:

    • collaborate with others to complete a project
    • use critical thinking skills to solve real world problems
    • communicate effectively with others

    Activity Details

    1. Teacher will introduce activity by showing a short video clip related to a type of disaster. Examples can be found in the ALEX Lesson Plan "Masters of Disaster (Elementary Grades)

    2. Follow the video with a teacher-led discussion that explores the experiences of the students related to disasters.

    • What disasters have occurred in the lives of the students?
    • What were the results and effects of the disaster?
    • Were there any injuries?

    3. Wrap up the discussion with the introduction of the essential question: How can we plan and prepare to minimize the impact on people in the unfortunate event of a natural disaster?

    4. Challenge students to create a product (ex: Public Service Announcement) to be shared with the entire community that will educate residents on what to do in advance of a disaster to minimize the effects. 

    5. Allow students to select a type of disaster that they wish to educate others about. 

    6. Students will utilize print and electronic sources to gather and evaluate the latest information regarding the possible effects on their community in the event of a disaster of the type selected. 

    7. Students will use the Educreations app and the resources gathered to create a project that includes the following: (Adapt as needed based on grade level)

    • A presentation of at least 1 minute.
    • Presentation should include at least 1 picture.
    • Presentation should include at least 1 text box used to identify an on screen object.
    • Presentation should include audio instructions or description performed by the student(s).
    • Presentation should include information that could help the audience better prepare for a disaster.

    8. Students will produce a final copy of the product and share the Educreations link with the teacher.


    Assessment Strategies

    Assessment Strategies

    Finished product will be evaluated by peers and teacher.  Additionally, the students could seek feedback from the general public in response to the PSA.

    Variation Tips

    Easily adapted to other topics.  The requirements of the  end product can be adapted to other grade levels.

    Background and Preparation

    Background / Preparation

    Teacher should download and install the Educreations App (free) onto all devices to be used.

    Teacher should become familiar with the application.  A tutorial is available at