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A Blast from the Past with Time Lining


In this learning activity, students use an interactive timeline to create a graphical representation of an events leading to the American Revolution by displaying items sequentially along a line.  Timelines can be organized by time of day, date, or event, and this tool allows students to create a label with short or long descriptive text.  Students may also add an image for each label to make their timeline more visually appealing. 


    Learning Objectives

    Learning Objectives

    Students will be able to determine events leading to the American Revolution and organize these events in chronological order on an interactive timeline. 

    Activity Details

    1. Teacher will briefly review the main events that led up to the American Revolution.

    2. Students will use the list of events leading up to the American Revolution.

    3. Students will research each event further and gather more information on each event.

    4.  Students will create their interactive timeline by listing the date of the event, the name of the event, and a description of what happened.  Students will also add an image to accompany each event.

    5.  Students must use 6 out of the 9 events on the list to create their timeline.

    6. Students will print the timelines they have created for assessment.

    Assessment Strategies

    Assessment Strategies

    The students will be assessed on the accuracy of events listed on the timelines they created.

    Variation Tips

    Students can complete a timeline on paper and draw pictures to illustrate each event.

    Background and Preparation

    Background / Preparation

    Students will need an internet connected device with the ability to print or send their timeline to a printer (via email or flash drive).