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Governmental Systems? What are my options?


Use this link to create an avatar that represents the leader of a governmental system.


    Learning Objectives

    Learning Objectives

    Students will be able to compare the United States government with other governmental systems such as monarchy, limited monarchy, oligarchy, dictatorship, theocracy, and pure democracy.

    Activity Details

    Translate specific vocabulary related to governmental systems studied in class into a digital avatar that explains how that system rules.

    Assessment Strategies

    Assessment Strategies

    A simple rubric to establish guidelines for avatar creation and demonstration that student understands the governmental system being portrayed.

    Variation Tips

    Variations could be a cartooned drawing using paper/pencil to address the same learning outcome or have student act out the governmental system they have been assigned through a student created skit.

    Background and Preparation

    Background / Preparation

    This activity should follow a lesson that introduces and expands on all types of governmental systems. Teacher should be familiar with how to navigate the Voki website and possibly introduce the lesson using his/her own avatar. Students should have access to their own internet connected Computer if this is an assignment to complete at home or arrangements made to access the schools computer lab for 2 class periods.