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U.S. Imperialism:


The image resource is an annotated ThingLink image that has embedded information and questions relating to the analysis of the political cartoon "School Begins".

ThingLink allows a user to take an image to augment it by adding a layer of annotations "over" the image. Annotations can include videos, links, and user created text.

Students will hover over the images at "touch points" where information is embedded such as questions and information about the political cartoon. This information will be used to analyze the political carton.


    Learning Objectives

    Learning Objectives

    Students will be able to identify the role of militarism, alliances, imperialism, and nationalism in World War I.

    Activity Details

    1. Using the image accessible on ThingLink, students will be guided through the process of analyzing a political cartoon.
    2. Students will access the ThingLink image through the URL to view the political cartoon titled School Begins.
    3. Students will use the "touch" tool to hover over touch points on the image that will pose questions and give important information to the students to analyze the political cartoon.
    4. Students will write responses to the questions posed by the analysis of the political cartoon.
    Assessment Strategies

    Assessment Strategies

    Have students discuss in groups their responses and analysis of the political cartoon. After sufficient time for students to discuss, have groups share aloud responses and analysis of the political cartoon.

    Background and Preparation

    Background / Preparation

    Teacher Preparation:

    • Provide access to the ThingLink image by URL on devices with internet capability for individual viewing of the political cartoon or have a computer/projector for whole group viewing.
    • Teach lessons on U.S. Imperialism from Reconstruction to World War I.

    Student Preparation:

    • Students should have an understanding of analyzing images and political cartoons.
    • Students should have prior knowledge on U.S. Imperialism from Reconstruction to World War I from lessons taught.