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Learning Activity

I Can Count And Write My Numbers 0-10!

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In this activity, students will sing along and dance with a video while counting objects in the video between numbers 1 through 10.  

This activity was created as a result of the Resource Development Summit.

    Mathematics (2019) Grade(s): KG


    Connect counting to cardinality using a variety of concrete objects.

    Unpacked Content



    • Cardinality
    • One to one correspondence
    • Hierarchical inclusion


    Students know:
    • Use one to one correspondence when counting objects.
    • how to rote count in consecutive order.


    Students are able to:
    • count objects with one to one correspondence.
    • Indicate the number of objects.
    • Explain one more.


    Students understand that:
    • a number represents a quantity.


    Learning Objectives

    Learning Objectives

    Students are able to count an object saying the number name.  

    Activity Details

    1. Show students the video and have students sing and dance along with the video counting the objects on the screen.  

    2. After showing the video, have students pair up with another student and assign each pair a number.  

    3. On a piece of paper, partners illustrate their assigned number then present it to the class by reading their number aloud and counting the objects they drew to represent their number.  

    Assessment Strategies

    Assessment Strategies

    The teacher should walk around the room to observe students' progress in counting the numbers in a standard order and matching numbers with the correct quantity of objects represented in their illustrations. These observations will serve as a formative assessment.

    Variation Tips

    Students can form numbers out of playdough, Wikki stix, pipe cleaners, or linking cubes while counting objects continuing to repeat the number rhymes. Students can take turns "being the teacher" counting objects and modeling the correct number formations while repeating the number rhymes.  

    Approximate Duration

    Total Duration

    0 to 15 Minutes

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    Background and Preparation

    Background / Preparation

    Teachers will need an internet-connected device to show the video. 

    Students will need paper and a pencil for the illustrations.

    Provide students with a variety of objects to count through independent and small group counting collections for additional practice.

    Digital Tools / Resources