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Unit Plan

Increasing Public Safety During Tornadoes


After collecting information on climates in different geographic regions through digital sources, text, and illustrations, students will understand various natural disasters, as well as how and why they occur. Next, students will research the cause and effects of tornadoes and write a cause and effect two-paragraph essay. For the third lesson, students will research different designs of storm shelters and determine which storm shelter they feel has the best design. Students will research states with most occurrences of tornadoes and determine the ten states with the highest average of tornadoes over a certain time period and create bar and picture graphs of their findings. Students will research and use information from lesson three to sketch and create an engineering prototype of a structure which addresses a particular type of storm damage.  

This unit was created as part of the ALEX Interdisciplinary Resource Development Summit.

    Content Standards
    Essential Question

    Unit Assessment

    Assessments Formative: Journal/Learning Log, Concept Maps, Other

    Assessments Formative (Other): Padlet (exit ticket)

    Assessments Summative: Written Product(s), with rubric, Oral Presentation, with rubric, Other Product(s) or Performance(s), with rubric: