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Learning Resource Type

Unit Plan

Natural Resources Shared Naturally


4, 5, 6


Natural resources provides what living things need to survive and thrive. This unit explores the transfer of energy throughout the food chain, investigates the amounts of rainfall in a region, examines the patterns of Native Americans settling adjacent to water, and guides students as they design animals that would survive in a wet biome. The math, science, history, and language arts lessons included are strong enough to stand alone, but when taught simultaneously, strengthen each of the 5th grade standards.

This unit was created as part of the ALEX Interdisciplinary Resource Development Summit.

    Content Standards
    Essential Question

    Unit Assessment

    Assessments Formative: Practice Presentations, Notes

    Assessments Summative: Oral Presentation, with rubric, Other Product(s) or Performance(s), with rubric:, Other

    Assessments Summative (Other): Digital Project - Office 365 Suite (PowerPoint, SWAY, etc.)