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Learning Resource Type

Unit Plan

Solutions to Lessen Human Impact on the Environment




The unit will investigate the human impact on the environment. During the investigation, the students will identify the possible solutions to lessen the human impact on the local environment, plan possible solutions to lessen the human impact on the local environment, and identify potential human impacts on the local environment. This will be implemented through an introduction lesson with a guest speaker, an informational writing piece, a classroom recycle project, and a summative group video where students present solutions to lessen human impact on the local environment.

This unit was created as part of the ALEX Interdisciplinary Resource Development Summit.

    Content Standards
    Essential Question

    Unit Assessment


    Assessments Formative
    Quizzes/Tests, Journal/Learning Log, Rough Drafts, Practice Presentations, Concept Maps, Project(s), Other
    Assessments Formative (Other)
    Exit Slips, Turn and Talk, Checklist/Rubric of Group Participation, Checklist Student Participation
    Assessments Summative
    Written Product(s), with rubric, Oral Presentation, with rubric, Multiple Choice/Short Answer Test, Peer Evaluation, Self-Evaluation