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Lesson Plans (2) A detailed description of the instruction for teaching one or more concepts or skills.

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Subject: Science - Paleontology - Social Studies - Geography
Title: The Dig: Them Bones     
Description: In this Xpeditions lesson, students compare their body parts, based on commonly used terms, to the bones of the Turkana Boy found in the roots of a thorn tree by Africa's Lake Turkana. Using the interactive feature in Xpedition Hall called The Dig, students see what a 1.6-million-year-old human skeleton can teach them about their own bodies, and they connect with the past by relating to a fossil. Students work in pairs or small groups for this lesson.
Thinkfinity Partner: National Geographic Education
Grade Span: K,1,2

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Subject: Mathematics,Science
Title: How Big Is Your Heart?     
Description: In this lesson, one of a multi-part unit from Illuminations, students explore the size of their hearts. They do this by measuring the length, width, and circumference of their fists and relating this to the size of their hearts.
Thinkfinity Partner: Illuminations
Grade Span: K,PreK,1,2