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Subject: Credit Recovery Science (4 - 6), or Science (1 - 6), or Technology Education (3 - 5)
Title: Sun, Earth, and Moon: Calendar of Events
Description: During this lesson students are going to take a look at moon phases and sunrise-sunset times in order to learn about daylight hours. Students discover that we do not always have the same amount of daylight each day. This lesson is best completed in December and January.

Thinkfinity Lesson Plans  
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Subject: Science - Earth science - Social Studies - Geography
Title: The Sun and the Earth     
Description: In this Xpeditions lesson, students explore the relationship between the Earth and the Sun and how this relationship affects observable phenomena on Earth, such as the change of seasons. This activity serves to reinforce these concepts by having students diagram the Earth and Sun during different seasons.
Thinkfinity Partner: National Geographic Education
Grade Span: 3,4,5

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Subject: Science
Title: Exploring the Solar System     
Description: The purpose of this lesson, from Science NetLinks, is to introduce students to Earth's moon and the eight other planets in our solar system. Students learn about the geology, composition and orbits of other planets by planning a trip to another planet.
Thinkfinity Partner: Science NetLinks
Grade Span: 6,7,8

ALEX Learning Activities  
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Title: Fly Me to the Moon- A Virtual Field Trip
Digital Tool: Video Tour of the Moon
Digital Tool Description: Provided by Nasa, this tool will show the students the different surfaces of the moon. The video views all sides of the moon and the interesting surfaces one would encounter on a trip to the moon.

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Title: What Can Satellites Do?
Digital Tool: Wonderopolis Videos
Digital Tool Description: This Wonder of the Day will help you learn more about some things that it would be hard to imagine living without…but that we can’t see! Have you ever wondered… What can satellites do? How many satellites orbit the Earth? When was the first satellite launched into orbit? Did you know?Without these things, our daily lives would look much different. Some of us couldn’t watch television. Some of us couldn’t figure out how to navigate from one place to another when traveling. Some of us could be endangered by bad weather that we didn’t know was coming. What are we talking about? Satellites, of course!

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