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Subject: Counseling and Guidance (K - 12)
Title: Virtual Tours of Colleges and Careers
Description: This resourceful lesson will introduce students to a website where they can take "tours" of colleges and careers.  The counselor/facilitator will show students how to locate the website and maneuver through it to find useful information.  Students will learn how to compare and contrast various colleges and careers to determine which characteristics match their interests, goals and abilities.  This lesson can be repeated on a regular basis to demonstrate to students the importance of keeping the future in the forefront as decisions in high school are made.  Such decisions include course selections, summer plans (i.e. internships, job shadowing, summer job, travel, summer reading/study) and goal-setting.  As students continue to view virtual tours and learn more about colleges and careers, they can add the information to a spreadsheet as a way to compare and contrast.

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The Ferguson Career Guidance Center
This podcast was created as a tutorial on using the Ferguson Career Guidance Center.  The Ferguson Career Guidance Center can be accessed through the Alabama Virtual Library website.  The Ferguson Center provides information on job profiles, job hunting techniques, college planning and financial aid.  The Ferguson Center also provides an interest assessment which will match a person's interests to careers and industries.