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Subject: Arts Education (K - 1), or English Language Arts (2), or Technology Education (K - 2)
Title: What Is Your "Bat"itude?
Description: This lesson is for use at the beginning of a unit on bats to help determine students' previous knowledge about bats as well as their bat attitudes. Students will begin by drawing an illustration describing their feelings about bats. Students will then discuss what they know about bats. Finally, students will view factual information and interact with the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo through a virtual field trip, "Boo! I'm a Bat".

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Subject: Arts Education (K), or Technology Education (K - 2)
Title: Red Plus Blue Makes Something New!
Description: Primary and secondary colors are important concepts for young children to master. This lesson explores this concept using a variety of technology.

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Subject: Arts Education (K - 1)
Title: Pig Art
Description: Students will explore three-dimensional art and produce an art object. The art will relate to the story of The Three Little Pigs.

ALEX Learning Activities  
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Title: Picasso Review Badge
Digital Tool: Picasso- Draw, Paint, Doodle!
Digital Tool Description: With Picasso: Draw, Paint, Doodle! , users can create their own masterpieces, upload and edit existing images, or doodle on pre-loaded images within the app. Students can work collaboratively to use the Picasso app to create a "learning badge" to remember the lesson. At the end of a lesson, the teacher can ask students to work in groups to create "badges" to help the class remember the lesson. Periodically the teacher can use the badge to review the lesson that it was created from.

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