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Subject: Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (9 - 12), or Mathematics (9 - 12)
Title: Determining Percent of Seed Germination-Enhancing mathematics in the career/technical classroom and providing relevance in the mathematics classroom
Description: In this project, students will conduct an experiment to determine the percentage of seed that will germinate in a given time frame. Students will produce charts and graphs to represent the results algebraically.  Mathematics and career/technical students can participate in this lab experiment together, or the activity can be conducted separately in either classroom.  The mathematics teacher will want to adapt the student handouts to provide additional emphasis on mathematics and to remove emphasis on the career/technical.  This integrated lesson is the result of collaboration between Chip Blanton, an agriculture teacher, and Greg Pendergrass, a math teacher (Fort Payne HS).  For information about using the eight step model for developing integrated projects developed by the Southern Regional Education Board, contact Leslie Carson at  For information about the project implementation, contact Chip Blanton ( or Greg Pendergrass (