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Subject: Human Services (8), or Mathematics (8)
Title: Scatter Plotting: A Study in Aviation
Description: In this lesson, students will be demonstrate some of the critical thinking skills for a career in aviation. Students will create a scatter plot to illustrate the relationship between the operation cost of a plane and and the number of seats on the plane. How can a pilot keep their operating costs down?

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Title: Job Interview Gone Wrong!
Digital Tool: Bitstrips for Schools
Digital Tool Description: Bitstrips for Schools is a website where students can create their own comic strips.  Teachers can create classes under their account.  There is 30-day free trial, or you can purchase a monthly or yearly subscription.  Teachers can assign activities to their classes. A demonstration of the activity can be viewed.

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Title: Creating a Movie Trailer to Promote Yourself
Digital Tool: iMovie app
Digital Tool Description: Through the iMovie trailer option, students can create visually stimulating movie trailers. Students will use the iMovie trailer option to create a virtual resume of their attributes and skills for a particular job or career.  

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Title: Let's Learn Great Job Interview Skills!
Digital Tool: School Tube
Digital Tool Description: School Tube is a great resource for schools. It contains videos created by and for students and teachers. This video provides examples of successful and unsuccessful interview techniques.

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