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Subject: Human Services (9 - 12)
Title: ServSafe- Work Attire 
Description: This is a 1-day (one 90-minute block) lesson on the need for proper work attire in the food service area. Students will gain knowledge and share insight on acceptable behavior in the food service area concerning eating, drinking, smoking, chewing gum, and tobacco use. 

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Subject: Human Services (9 - 12)
Title: Hand Washing
Description: This is a one-day (one 90-Minute block) lesson in hand washing.  Students will learn what is needed in the hand washing station and how to wash hands appropriately.  Students will how food is contaminated and what to do to prevent contamination from personal hygiene.

ALEX Unit Plans  
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Title: Make My Food Safe
Unit Plan Overview: Students will use digital resources to research foodborne illnesses, their causes and prevention methods and share their acquired knowledge with the school community and with 2 audiences that they choose. The focus of this unit plan includes practicing the use of correct hygiene and health procedures and food safety in food production, handling, service and storage. ServSafe Manager (6th edition) content from Chapter 2 "Forms of Contamination" are incorporated in this unit.  

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Title: Taste The World
Unit Plan Overview: Connect a favorite food or recipe to its origin. The students will choose a favorite food, research the historic or cultural background of the food, and then prepare this food using ServSafe safety standards.  Additionally, nutritional content,event planning skills, and cost analysis will be demonstrated by preparing an oral presentation along with the prepared dish. Students will have a choice of a visual display or a power point to display information. A prepared dish will be required for all project presentations.

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Title: Hygiene and Health in Foodservice
Unit Plan Overview: This unit is a 3-day unit on the importance of professional hygiene in Food service areas.  Proper equipment at a hand washing station, how to properly wash hands and dress are the foundations for this lesson.  This lesson introduces students to what happens when individuals working in a food service area become a problem to a food service establishment.  The lesson gives an introduction or review to the Big 5 while also discussing the exclusion or restriction of food service professionals from the food service establishment.   The lesson reviews vocabulary associated with Hygiene and Health in food service by connecting vocabulary and knowledge from Food and Nutrition to higher level thinking, improving skill and application for credentialing in ServSafe, understanding of meal management and services in food service areas.   

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Title: Healthy Foods for Happy Healthy Preschoolers
Unit Plan Overview: A 2 week unit exploring healthy eating for healthy preschoolers- Students will use the myplate website and other resources to learn the standards for healthy eating for children 2-6 years old Students will apply this knowledge by developing a menu plan for childcare facilities, a brochure with healthy snack recipes for parents, and a healthy snack hands-on presentation with children. Students may also teach a hands-on workshop for childcare providers and present at FCCLA STAR events.

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Title: Continental Cuisine
Unit Plan Overview: This will be the culminating project after ServSafe and etiquette has been taught.  With some creativity and determination teams will create, prepare and present an authentic meal in a professional manner using ServSafe mandates, table scape and technology presentation of their area of choice(outside of US).

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