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Subject: Human Services (9 - 12)
Title: "Tables Gone Wild"
Description: What's going on with this "Wild Table?"  This lesson is designed to help the learner work collabaratively, creatively as well as separately to properly set the dinner table.  This lesson will also infuse ways to make the table relevant to seasonal or home decor while interjecting clever "Wild" ways to remember placements of dinnerware and flatware.  This lesson will also interject proper usage of kitchen equipment while keeping things sanitary and safe for the entire family!

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Title: Is it Clean or is it Sanitized?
Unit Plan Overview: This is a 10-day unit in which students learn the difference in cleaning and sanitizing.  They will also learn what needs to be sanitized and how often.  The students will create a visual aid based on the information.  They will work in groups to create a flowchart for other students on the five steps for properly cleaning and sanitizing surfaces.  The final project in this unit has the students creating a video showing how to do one of the following: use a 3 compartment sink, sanitizing equipment, and sanitizing using a commercial dishwasher.

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