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Title: Safe Food Handling_ServSafe
Unit Plan Overview: This lesson centers on the role food handlers play in prevention of food borne illness.  90 minute classes Day 1 - Personal Hygiene Day 2 - Handwashing

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Title: Kitchen Safety: Preventing Common Foodborne Illnesses
Unit Plan Overview: This is an eight day unit that teaches students about how to prevent foodborne illnesses.  Students will determine how to effectively wash their hands, conduct a crime scene investigation of a kitchen that has caused a foodborne  illness, and create a leaning resource for other students.  

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Title: ServSafe - Microorganisms_Foodborne Illness
Unit Plan Overview: In this lesson, students classify the biological hazards and growth conditions that may lead to foodborne illnesses. Upon completion, students will take information about a Poisoned Picnic and complete a data sheet to identify the cause of the illness and to prevent further outbreaks. This lesson is designed to cover 2 - 90 minute lesson plans.

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Title: Can't Touch This!
Unit Plan Overview: Who's touching your food?  How many of us think about who comes in contact with our food before we consume it and how that impacts our health?  This lesson focuses on safe food handling procedures that must be followed behind the serving line to assure a safe food product.  Techniques as simple as basic hand washing, personal hygiene and hand care are covered as well as proper glove use, work attire and work behavior related to food sanitation.  Guidelines for addressing handling staff illness as it relates to food preparation safety will be discussed.  Students will leave the lesson with safe food handling skills as well as a take-away reference guide.  Lesson components cover some of the standards related to ServSafe Credentialing. 

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