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Lesson Plans (5) A detailed description of the instruction for teaching one or more concepts or skills.

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Subject: Mathematics (2 - 3)
Title: You Scream, I Scream, We all Scream for Ice cream !
Description:   Fun and yummy lesson to do on a sunny spring afternoon.  Have the students take a poll of their favorite choice of ice cream and create a bar graph showing the information.This lesson plan was created as a result of the Girls Engaged in Math and Science University, GEMS-U Project.  

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Subject: English Language Arts (2), or Mathematics (1 - 2)
Title: 100 More Hungry Ants
Description: Students will investigate what happens to the number of ants at a picinc when 100 more ants arrive at the picnic. They will explore this concept using a slide presentation followed by a partner game.  This lesson plan was created by exemplary Alabama Math Teachers through the AMSTI project.

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Subject: Mathematics (1 - 3), or Technology Education (3 - 5)
Title: Multiplication Facts, Facts, Facts and Some Reese's Pieces for Snack!!
Description: This lesson teaches the basic math multiplication facts in a fun way so that students will want to remember them. Knowledge of all multiplication facts will help with learning subsequent skills in longer multiplication, division, fractions, etc.

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Subject: Mathematics (2), or Technology Education (K - 2)
Title: What To Buy?
Description: During this lesson students get to experience shopping through a slide show. They have to choose an item and then place the correct amount of money beside the item they wish to purchase. Students also practice counting money via the Internet.

Thinkfinity Lesson Plans  
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Subject: Language Arts,Mathematics
Title: Lost Buttons     
Description: In this lesson, one of a multi-part unit from Illuminations, students investigate subtraction more directly, beginning with the easier take away mode. They model take away subtraction with buttons and write subtraction sentences. They also work with the additive identity (0) as an addend and as a difference and find missing addends.
Thinkfinity Partner: Illuminations
Grade Span: K,PreK,1,2