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ALEX Lesson Plans  
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Subject: Business, Management, and Administration (9 - 12), or Mathematics (9 - 12)
Title: What's The Real Cost of That Car?
Description: This is a Commerce and Information Technology lesson plan. A project requiring research, critical thinking and complex decision-making about factoring all the costs of purchasing a large ticket item... a car.

Thinkfinity Lesson Plans  
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Subject: Mathematics
Title: Predicting Your Financial Future     
Description: In this Illuminations lesson, students use their knowledge of exponents to compute an investment s worth using a formula and a compound interest simulator. Students also use the simulator to analyze credit card payments and debt.
Thinkfinity Partner: Illuminations
Grade Span: 9,10,11,12

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Subject: Health,Mathematics
Title: Make a Conjecture      
Description: In this lesson, one of a multi-part unit from Illuminations, students explore rates of change and accumulation in context. They are asked to think about the mathematics involved in determining the amount of blood being pumped by a heart.
Thinkfinity Partner: Illuminations
Grade Span: 9,10,11,12

ALEX Learning Activities  
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Title: Math Lesson Performance
Digital Tool: Cute CUT
Digital Tool Description: CuteCUT is a video creation app.  You can import your video and do all of your work in one place. The interface seems to be directed more toward students with a little different look to it from most video apps. Unique here is the ability to choose a portrait or landscape orientation for your project.  Students or adults using this app will get basic editing skills for movies, pictures and sound. They will like the video tutorials included in the app. An easy interface will help the learning curve that comes with this app.

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