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1 ) Compare effects of economic, geographic, social, and political conditions before and after European explorations of the fifteenth through seventeenth centuries on Europeans, American colonists, Africans, and indigenous Americans. [A.1.a., A.1.b., A. 1.d., A.1.g., A.1.i.]

•  Describing the influence of the Crusades, Renaissance, and Reformation on European exploration
•  Comparing European motives for establishing colonies, including mercantilism, religious persecution, poverty, oppression, and new opportunities
•  Analyzing the course of the Columbian Exchange for its impact on the global economy
•  Explaining triangular trade and the development of slavery in the colonies
Subject: Social Studies (10)
Title: The Art of the Conquest of Mexico

Students will explore two different interpretations of the Conquest of Mexico by the Spanish, one in art and the other in literature. The perspectives of the same events as seen by the Spanish and the Aztecs will be explored. Students will highlight portions of both pieces of art to gain perspective of both sides.

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