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   View Standards     Standard(s): [SS2010] ECON (12) 5 :
5 ) Explain that a country's standard of living depends upon its ability to produce goods and services.

•  Explaining productivity as the amount of outputs, or goods and services, produced from inputs, or factors of production
•  Describing how investments in factories, equipment, education, new technology, training, and health improve economic growth and living standards
Subject: Social Studies (12)
Title: Country Investigations using the Human Development Index

Students will use the United Nations Human Development Index database to research a country's standard of living. Students will use research to explain the factors resulting in that country's social and economic development. Specifically, students will research for the "ingredients" of economic growth - human capital, physical capital, labor productivity, technology, infrastructure, natural resources, political stability, etc. Then, students will prepare a one-page Google Doc report on the country.