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   View Standards     Standard(s): [SS2010] GEOG (7) 8 :
8 ) Determine political, military, cultural, and economic forces that contribute to cooperation and conflict among people.

•  Identifying political boundaries based on physical and human systems
Examples: physical—rivers as boundaries between counties

human—streets as boundaries between local government units

•  Identifying effects of cooperation among countries in controlling territories
Examples: Great Lakes environmental management by United States and Canada, United Nations (UN) Heritage sites and host countries, Antarctic Treaty on scientific research

•  Describing the eruption of territorial conflicts over borders, resources, land use, and ethnic and nationalistic identity
Examples: India and Pakistan conflict over Jammu and Kashmir, the West Bank, the Sudan, Somalia piracy, ocean fishing and mineral rights, local land-use disputes

[SS2010] CWI (9-12) 1 :
1 ) Describe current news stories from various perspectives, including geographical, historical, political, social, and cultural.

•  Evaluating the impact of current news stories on the individual and on local, state, national, and international communities (Alabama)
•  Comparing current news stories to related past events
•  Analyzing news stories for implications regarding nations of the world
•  Locating on a map areas affected by events described in news stories
•  Interpreting statistical data related to political, social, and economic issues in current events
Subject: Social Studies (7 - 12)
Title: Obama Calls for Full Cooperation at Malaysia Airlines Crash Site

Inspire students to think about the role of international diplomacy in the investigation of the Malaysian plane that was shot down over Ukraine with this PBS NewsHour video and educational resource from July 21, 2014. President Barack Obama called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to allow international investigators full access to the crash site in the war-torn region of Ukraine.

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