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Learning Activities (1) Building blocks of a lesson plan that include before, during, and after strategies to actively engage students in learning a concept or skill.

ALEX Learning Activities  
   View Standards     Standard(s): [WLAN] WL5 (7-12) 9 :
9) Compare products, practices, and perspectives of the target culture and the native culture using varied vocabulary and more complex sentence structure.

a. Compare and contrast customs and traditions of the target culture to the native culture.

b. Compare and contrast behaviors related to health and wellness.

c. Compare and contrast the importance placed on individual needs versus community needs.

[WLAN] WL5 (7-12) 5 :
5) Analyze perspectives through products of the target cultures.

a. Analyze the importance of products of the target culture, related to government, education, religion, and economics.

b. Interact with music and short video clips.

c. Listen to, read, and analyze the function of products used in selected texts.

[WLAN] WL5 (7-12) 3 :
3) Present information on a wide variety of both familiar and new topics using varied vocabulary and more complex sentence structure in various time frames and moods.

a. Present information about personal and social events, experiences, and activities.

b. Present information on a topic studied or researched.

c. Present points of view and provide reasons to support them.

[WLAN] WL5 (7-12) 1 :
1) Communicate and share on familiar and new topics in various time frames and moods using varied vocabulary and more complex sentence structure.

a. Talk about daily activities and personal preferences in various time frames and moods using varied vocabulary and more complex sentence structure.

b. Complete a task that requires multiple steps.

c. Exchange information about areas of mutual interest.

Subject: World Languages (7 - 12)
Title: Saved by the Bell: Education Around the World

This lesson is intended for students with at least a proficiency rating of Intermediate High. Students will have to read, analyze, synthesize, and present information on education in both their own country and in a country of the target culture being studied. Students will learn how to search for information in the target language as well as how to present using academic language in the target language.

<>This activity was created as a result of the World Languages Course of Study Resource Development Summit.

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