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   View Standards     Standard(s): [ARTS] DAN (0) 1 :
1) Differentiate between basic locomotor and non-locomotor movements.

Examples: Running, twisting, skipping, falling.

[ARTS] DAN (0) 7 :
7) Demonstrate movement and stillness using the basic elements of space, including line, shape, levels, and size.

Examples: Join with others to make a circle, then work with others to change it to a square.

Create a curved shape on a low level.

[ARTS] DAN (1) 1 :
1) Respond with movement to a variety of prompts.

Examples: music/sound, artwork, tactile

[ARTS] DAN (1) 2 :
2) Experiment with changing a movement, utilizing the elements of dance.

[ARTS] DAN (1) 11 :
11) Identify and explore personal space and general space within movement.

[ARTS] DAN (2) 1 :
1) Respond to movement with a variety of prompts and suggest additional sources for movement ideas.

[ARTS] DAN (2) 11 :
11) Demonstrate safe movement in a variety of spatial relationships and formations with other dancers, sharing and maintaining personal space.

[ARTS] DAN (3) 1 :
1) Improvise movements with a variety of self-identified prompts.

Examples: music/sound, text, objects, images, notation, observed dance experiences

[ARTS] DAN (3) 13 :
13) Use stage directions to identify main areas of a performance space.

Example: Travel from downstage right to upstage left.

[ARTS] DAN (4) 12 :
12) Coordinate performance timing with other dancers by utilizing cues from each other and responding to production elements.

Examples: Enter stage after eight counts of music, or wait until lights go up for bow.

[ARTS] DAN (5) 11 :
11) Employ safe practices before, during, and after dancing.

Examples: Discuss ways to promote muscular strength, endurance, injury prevention.

Promote healthful eating and good nutrition as proper food for the body.

Subject: Arts Education (K - 5)
Title: 5 Ways to Add Dance and Theater to the Classroom

This article includes five different activities to incorporate theater and dance into the classroom.  The activities included are "Mystery Mover," "Stage Corners," "Carnival Walk," "Reader's Theater," and "When I Move, You Move." 

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