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   View Standards     Standard(s): [ARTS] MUS (1) 1 :
1) Create musical ideas for a specific purpose.

Example: Improvise four-beat patterns in question and answer form.

[ARTS] MUS (1) 4 :
4) Organize personal musical ideas using iconic notation and/or recording technology.

[ARTS] MUS (1) 6 :
6) Convey expressive intent for a specific purpose by presenting a final version of personal musical ideas to peers or informal audience.

[ARTS] MUS (1) 9 :
9) Read and perform rhythmic patterns using iconic or standard notation.

Subject: Arts Education (1)
Title: Performing and Composing Four Beat Patterns

Students will echo clap rhythm patterns including quarter notes, quarter rests and paired eighth notes. Students will compose four-beat rhythm patterns and perform them for the class. Demonstration videos are provided. 

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