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   View Standards     Standard(s): [DLIT] (6) 15 :
9) Differentiate between a secure and a non-secure website including how they affect personal data.

Example: HTTP vs. HTTPS.

[DLIT] (6) 31 :
25) Differentiate between secure and non-secure systems.

[DLIT] (7) 16 :
10) Explain social engineering, including countermeasures, and its impact on a digital society.

Examples: Phishing, hoaxes, impersonation, baiting, spoofing.

[DLIT] (8) 16 :
10) Analyze different modes of social engineering and their effectiveness.

Examples: Phishing, hoaxes, impersonation, baiting, spoofing.

Subject: Digital Literacy and Computer Science (6 - 8)
Title: Buyer Beware

Buying and selling on the Internet have changed the way we live. We can now perform a web search to locate, compare, and buy goods and services.

You are going to investigate e-commerce as a consumer and learn some tips on how to shop online, avoid Internet fraud, and benefit from reviews and ratings.


When you have completed this activity you will:

  1. know how to research and compare products [Computational Thinker]

  2. know how to protect yourself as an online consumer [Digital Citizen]

  3. be able to protect yourself from deceptive advertising, scams, and rip-offs [Digital Citizen]

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