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K-4.4) Demonstrate willingness to seek help for solving problems and making decisions.

APE accommodation suggestions: Verbal prompting and redirecting, peer assistance to model proper personal and social behaviors

[PE] (0) 32 :
K-5.4) Discuss the enjoyment of active play with peers.

APE accommodation suggestions: peer assistance and modeling

[HE] (0) 14 :
K.4.3) Describe how to express feelings to prevent a conflict from starting.

[HE] (1) 12 :
1.4.1) Identify ways listening skills can be used to build and maintain healthy relationships.

Example: taking turns talking and listening

Subject: Physical Education (K), Health Education (K - 1)
Title: Friendship and Social Skills

This resource includes selected lessons and activity ideas for addressing friendship and social skills. Friendship and social skills should be introduced on the first day of class and reinforced throughout the year.

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