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   View Standards     Standard(s): [PE] (3) 23 :
3-3.2) Actively engage in physical education class with little or no teacher redirection.

[PE] (4) 31 :
4-5.3) Prioritize different physical activities based on enjoyment.

APE accommodation suggestions: peer assistance and modeling

[PE] (5) 23 :
5-3.2) Actively engage in all components of physical education to the best of his/her ability.

Subject: Physical Education (3 - 5)
Title: Would You Rather Fitness

This is a free YouTube video from Phys.Ed.Review.  The video offers students a choice of three different fitness activities to perform for thirty seconds.  Students then take a short rest and choose between three more fitness activities. This cycle continues for five minutes to upbeat music.

This alignment results from the ALEX Health/PE COS Resource Alignment Summit.

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