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   View Standards     Standard(s): [PE] (8) 21 :
8-3.2) Analyze the differences between moderate and vigorous activities.

APE accommodation suggestions: Visual aids and cues

[PE] BK2 (9-12) 14 :
BK-3.7) Design and put into effect a strength and conditioning program that develops balance in all muscle groups and supports a healthy, active lifestyle.

[PE] BK2 (9-12) 25 :
BK-5.1) Predict which self-selected physical activities will provide personal health benefits into adulthood.

APE accommodation suggestions: peer assistance and modeling

[PE] BK2 (9-12) 26 :
BK-5.2) Evaluate the level of success within the challenge in a self-selected physical activity.

APE accommodation suggestions: peer assistance and modeling

[PE] SC1 (9-12) 1 :
SC-1.1) Describe physical fitness activities that contribute to the improvement of specific fitness components.

[PE] SC1 (9-12) 2 :
SC-1.2) Identify skills and components needed to design an individualized strength and conditioning program.

[PE] SC2 (9-12) 1 :
SC-1.1) Demonstrate necessary components of physical fitness to achieve a desired level of individual success while participating in fitness activities.

Subject: Physical Education (8 - 12)
Title: Create Workouts with this Awesome Tool from Stack52

This tool is extremely versatile and can be used in a number of ways. One option is to have your students work in groups (pairs, perhaps) to create a workout making sure to choose from each group (cardio, core, legs, back, chest and arms) and to try to include some of the more difficult options in addition to "easy" (medium, hard, insane).

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