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   View Standards     Standard(s): [PE] ACA1 (9-12) 3 :
AC-2.1) Recognize unsafe situations related to participation in outdoor activities.

[PE] ACA1 (9-12) 4 :
AC-2.2) Identify skills and components needed for the individual to participate successfully in outdoor activities.

[PE] ACA1 (9-12) 7 :
AC-4.1) Research laws pertaining to outdoor activities.

Examples: fishing, hunting

[PE] ACA1 (9-12) 9 :
AC-5.1) Discuss how outdoor adventures can be beneficial for quality of life.

[PE] ACA2 (9-12) 1 :
AC-1.1) Demonstrate necessary components of physical fitness to achieve a desired level of individual success while participating in outdoor activities.

[PE] ACA2 (9-12) 2 :
AC-1.2) Exhibit proper fitness component techniques in outdoor activities to achieve a desired level of health enhancement.

[PE] ACA2 (9-12) 3 :
AC-2.1) Demonstrate safe and appropriate use and care of equipment and facilities used in outdoor activities.

Examples: archery, canoeing, fishing, hunting

[PE] ACA2 (9-12) 4 :
AC-2.2) Model proper skills and components for the specified outdoor sport.

Examples: backpacking, canoeing, hiking, mountain biking

[PE] ACA2 (9-12) 6 :
AC-3.2) Participate in challenging activities requiring the utilization of newly-acquired skills.

[PE] ACA2 (9-12) 7 :
AC-4.1) Adhere to laws pertaining to outdoor sports, showing civic and personal responsibility.

Subject: Physical Education (9 - 12)
Title: Outdoor Outreach: Mountain Biking

This resource includes lesson planning, risk management policies, and emergency protocols for mountain biking. 

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