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1.1.2) List food safety precautions.

[HE] (5) 8 :
5.2.1) Describe how the school and community can support personal health practices and behaviors.

a. Describe how positive and negative influences from family, peers, and culture affect adolescents' body acceptance during the changes of puberty.

[HE] (5) 11 :
5.3.2) Research factors to consider when selecting health products.

Examples: cost, safety, effectiveness, side effects

[HE] (6) 8 :
6.2.3) Investigate how messages from media influence health behaviors.

Examples: social media, fast food advertisements, editing photos to enhance physical appearance

[HE] (6) 20 :
6.7.1) Critique examples of responsible behaviors that reduce health risks.

Examples: choosing healthy foods, participating in healthy activities, having regular medical and dental check-ups

Subject: Health Education (1 - 6)
Title: The Trouble With Chicken: Food Safety Standards

Explore the reasons behind the 2011 recall of ground turkey by the meat-packing company Cargill Foods in Springdale, AK, and the implications on our food safety, in this video excerpted from FRONTLINE: The Trouble with Chicken. Noticing high levels of salmonella in its ground turkey, Cargill Foods eventually recalled its product, but the delay still sickened 132 people and killed one person.

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