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2.3.1) Explain the importance of identifying trusted adults and health professionals.

[HE] (2) 15 :
2.4.4) Summarize strategies for reporting harmful acts.

Example: reporting to trusted adult

[HE] (3) 8 :
3.2.1) Describe how family influences personal health practices and behaviors.

a. Identify ways that peers can influence healthy and unhealthy behaviors.

Subject: Health Education (2 - 3)
Title: Tell an Adult

Sometimes we see something on the Internet that makes us feel uncomfortable. This can happen when we are playing a game on the Internet or perhaps even talking to someone on the phone. When this happens we need to tell an adult we trust. An adult we can trust could be a grandparent, teacher, mom, dad or police officer. This video can be played when teaching a lesson on identifying trusted adults and health professionals.

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