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   View Standards     Standard(s): [HE] (2) 3 :
2.1.3) Describe why avoiding tobacco is a healthy behavior.

[HE] (3) 3 :
3.1.3) Examine the harmful effects of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol on the body.

[HE] (3) 15 :
3.4.4) State effective refusal skills to enhance health.

Examples: responding effectively in refusing alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs

[HE] (4) 3 :
4.1.3) Summarize short-term and long-term effects of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products.

[HE] (5) 3 :
5.1.3) Research illnesses and diseases associated with the use and abuse of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol.

[HE] (5) 15 :
5.4.4) Apply risk reduction behaviors to protect self and others from use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Subject: Health Education (2 - 5)
Title: Smoking

This resource provides a variety of activities that will help students see through the smoke and learn the truth about cigarettes. This guide includes standards, related links, discussion questions, activities for students, and reproducible materials.

This resource includes easy to print activity sheets and a quiz. 

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