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4.2.2) Explain how media influence thoughts, feelings, and health behaviors.

[HE] (4) 22 :
4.8.1) Describe health advocacy strategies.

Examples: writing and recording public service announcements for school or community broadcasts, writing letter or email to editors of local media

[HE] (5) 20 :
5.7.1) Implement a variety of healthy practices and behaviors that avoid or reduce health risks.

Example: executing a plan to manage academic, extracurricular, and family

Subject: Health Education (4 - 5)
Title: Environment and Your Health

In this self-paced lesson, students learn how environmental factors affect the health of living things, including humans. They will view videos, use an interactive activity, and respond to writing prompts to investigate common environmental health hazards, routes of exposure, factors that influence the potential health effects, and ways to reduce exposure.

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