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4.1.1) Describe school practices that promote a safe and healthy environment.

[HE] (4) 8 :
4.2.1) Explain the influence of culture on health practices and behaviors.

a. Explain the importance of good communication within the family unit.

[HE] (4) 12 :
4.4.1) Demonstrate skills that communicate care, consideration, and respect for self and others.

Examples: parent, school nurse, counselor

[HE] (5) 8 :
5.2.1) Describe how the school and community can support personal health practices and behaviors.

a. Describe how positive and negative influences from family, peers, and culture affect adolescents' body acceptance during the changes of puberty.

[HE] (5) 12 :
5.4.1) Utilize effective verbal and nonverbal communication skills to build and maintain relationships and enhance health.

[HE] (6) 9 :
6.2.4) Explain the influence of values and beliefs on individual health practices and behaviors.

Examples: family values, religious beliefs

Subject: Health Education (4 - 6)
Title: Power Up With Leadership!: GIRL Power!

Meet the GIRL!: Sasha is 17 years old and had a difficult time in school due to being bullied. She found her outlet through art. She painted her feelings and then decided to share her art with others. She leads art classes at her local boys and girls club with an emphasis on bullying awareness and education. She wants to make sure others feel empowered to speak up for themselves and take action. She leads by example. 

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