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   View Standards     Standard(s): [MA2015] PRE (9-12) 31 :
31 ) (+) Understand that restricting a trigonometric function to a domain on which it is always increasing or always decreasing allows its inverse to be constructed. [F-TF6]

[MA2015] PRE (9-12) 32 :
32 ) (+) Use inverse functions to solve trigonometric equations that arise in modeling contexts; evaluate the solutions using technology, and interpret them in terms of the context.* [F-TF7]

Subject: Mathematics (9 - 12)
Title: Precalculus and Advanced Topics, Module 4, Topic C: Inverse Trigonometric Functions

The graphs of the trigonometric functions are revisited in Module 4, Topic C. Students visualize these graphs with the aid of the appropriate software and briefly recall how changing various parameters of a trigonometric function affects its graph. Students extend their knowledge of inverse functions to trigonometric functions as they restrict domains to create inverse trigonometric functions. These inverse functions are then used to solve trigonometric equations, evaluate their solutions using technology, and interpret these solutions in the appropriate contexts.

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