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ALEX Classroom Resources  
   View Standards     Standard(s): [SS2010] GHS (3) 3 :
3 ) Describe ways the environment is affected by humans in Alabama and the world. (Alabama)

Examples: crop rotation, oil spills, landfills, clearing of forests, replacement of cleared lands, restocking of fish in waterways

•  Using vocabulary associated with human influence on the environment, including irrigation, aeration, urbanization, reforestation, erosion, and migration
Subject: Social Studies (3)
Title: Wasting Away: Environmental Ed

“Environmental Ed” informs us that in the United States each person throws away about 4.5 lbs. or 2 KG of trash per day. He reminds us that we all make litter and that the problem is finding appropriate ways to dispose of trash once it is no longer useful to us.

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