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ALEX Classroom Resources  
   View Standards     Standard(s): [SS2010] ALA (4) 16 :
16 ) Determine the impact of population growth on cities, major road systems, demographics, natural resources, and the natural environment of Alabama during the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.

•  Describing how technological advancements brought change to Alabamians, including the telephone; refrigerator; automobile; television; and wireless, Internet, and space technologies
•  Relating Alabama's economy to the influence of foreign-based industry, including the automobile industry
[SS2010] WH9 (9) 17 :
17 ) Describe emerging democracies from the late twentieth century to the present.

•  Discussing problems and opportunities involving science, technology, and the environment in the late twentieth century
Examples: genetic engineering, space exploration

•  Identifying problems involving civil liberties and human rights from 1945 to the present and ways in which these problems have been addressed
•  Relating economic changes to social changes in countries adopting democratic forms of government
[SS2010] US11 (11) 12 :
12 ) Describe major initiatives of the John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson Administrations. [A.1.b., A.1.c., A.1.d., A.1.e., A.1.g., A.1.i., A.1.k.]

Examples: President Kennedy—New Frontier, President Johnson—Great Society

•  Describing Alabama's role in the space program under the New Frontier (Alabama)
Examples: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), space race, satellites

•  Describing major foreign events and issues of the John F. Kennedy Administration, including construction of the Berlin Wall, the Bay of Pigs invasion, and the Cuban missile crisis
Subject: Social Studies (4 - 11)
Title: Destination Moon Crew Guide: Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong

This is a collection of photographs, videos, and articles exploring the life of Neil A. Armstrong. Students can explore this collection and learn aspects of Armstrong's life.

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