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ALEX Classroom Resources  
   View Standards     Standard(s): [ASL] ASL3 (9-12) 1 :
1) Exchange information on familiar topics with a variety of words, phrases, and simple sentences in a variety of time frames.

a. Exchange basic information about self, others, and special interests.

b. Ask for and provide information on familiar topics.

c. Use ASL to handle tasks related to personal needs.

[ASL] ASL4 (9-12) 1 :
1) Communicate and share on familiar and new topics in various time frames and moods.

a. Initiate, maintain, and conclude a conversation on various topics.

b. Use ASL to communicate about subjects of particular interest to students.

c. Use ASL to communicate with Deaf peers from the local community/school to identify similarities and differences.

[ASL] ASL4 (9-12) 4 :
4) Explain perspectives through practices of the Deaf culture.

a. Explain how behaviors in the Deaf culture relate to and reflect different types of relationships.

b. Interact through role-play in a variety of familiar and unfamiliar environments.

c. Participate in activities enjoyed by Deaf peers and examine the social norms associated with these activities.

Subject: American Sign Language (9 - 12)
Title: Resolving Conflicts

In this intermediate mid to intermediate-high ASL activity, students will practice discussing the concept of time in American Sign Language. They will also focus on discussion time conflicts through interpersonal conversations. The activity asks students to each select a prepared card that includes the details of their assignment and serves as a guide to keep the students on task as they converse. A Google slide show is included to walk the teacher and student through each step of the activity.

Note: This lesson was created to use in an online environment but can easily be adapted to the face-to-face classroom.

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