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ALEX Classroom Resources  
   View Standards     Standard(s): [ARTS] DAN (3) 2 :
2) Select and demonstrate a movement solution for a given movement problem.

Example: Find a way to travel across the floor only on a low level.

[ARTS] DAN (3) 7 :
7) Perform movement sequences in and through space with intention and focus on positive and negative space.

[ARTS] DAN (3) 9 :
9) Change the degree of energy used in movement to heighten the effect of intent.

Example: Add force to a leap to communicate anger; change a reach by making it softer and slower to communicate gentleness

[ARTS] DAN (3) 11 :
11) Change levels, directions, and pathway designs safely in a dance phrase while coordinating with a partner or other dancers.

Subject: Arts Education (3)
Title: Levels and Partners

Students will review the Laban Movement Efforts: thrust, float, slash, glide, wring, dab, press, flick.  They will create shapes moving through a high, medium, and low levels.  Without touching, one student will create a shape while their partner creates another shape in the first student's negative space.    

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