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   View Standards     Standard(s): [ARTS] DAN (3) 4 :
4) Create a dance phrase that communicates an idea or feeling and discuss the effect of the movement choices.

[ARTS] DAN (3) 20 :
20) Present research about a key aspect of a dance in oral, written, or movement form.

Example: Collect information from classmates about why they like to dance and perform a dance that includes all the feelings that were expressed.

[ARTS] DAN (4) 1 :
1) Identify ideas for choreography generated from a variety of prompts and source materials.

Examples: Music/sound, text, objects, images, notation, observed dance, or experiences.

[ARTS] DAN (4) 4 :
4) Create a dance study that expresses and communicates a main idea and discuss the reasons for the movement choices.

[ARTS] DAN (5) 16 :
16) Compare and contrast the qualities of style used in a dance from one's own personal cultural practice to a style from a different cultural movement practice.

[ARTS] DAN (5) 18 :
18) Define qualities of dance that make a dance artistic and meaningful and relate them to the elements of dance in genres, styles, or cultural movement practices.

Subject: Arts Education (3 - 5)
Title: Céilís: Exploring Irish Folk Dance

Students will research Ireland and Irish culture, including traditional dance and music. They will work in groups to choreograph a Céilís to traditional Irish music. 

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