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ALEX Classroom Resources  
   View Standards     Standard(s): [ARTS] MUS (2) 6 :
6) Convey expressive intent for a specific purpose by presenting a final version of personal musical ideas to peers or informal audience.

[ARTS] MUS (2) 16 :
16) Demonstrate and describe how a response to music can be informed by its structure, the use of the elements of music, and context (such as personal and social).

Example: Compare and contrast typical responses to a lullaby and a march.

[ARTS] MUS (3) 6 :
6) Present the final version of personally created music to others and describe its expressive intent.

[ARTS] MUS (3) 16 :
16) Demonstrate and describe how selected music connects to and is influenced by specific interests, experiences, or purposes.

Subject: Arts Education (2 - 3)
Title: Call and Response

In this resource, students will be introduced to the concept of call and response. Call and response is a form of communication that is used every day and can also be heard in music. It is a type of communication that uses rhythms and patterns. In this activity, students will create a new call and response. 

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