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ALEX Classroom Resources  
   View Standards     Standard(s): [ARTS] VISA (4) 12 :
12) Interpret art by referring to contextual information and analyzing relevant subject matter, visual qualities, and use of media.

Example: Emanuel Leutze's Washington Crossing the Delaware River in 1776 and its relevance to the Revolutionary War.

[ARTS] VISA (4) 13 :
13) Apply one criterion from elements or principles of design to evaluate more than one work of art/design.

Example: Discuss how students' outcomes are different even though they used the same criteria.

[ARTS] VISA (5) 12 :
12) Interpret art by analyzing visual qualities and structure, contextual information, subject matter, visual elements, and use of media to identify ideas and mood conveyed.

[ARTS] VISA (5) 13 :
13) Recognize differences in criteria used to evaluate works of art depending on styles, genres, and media as well as historical and cultural contexts.

Subject: Arts Education (4 - 5)
Title: Picturing America Lesson: The Artist's Vision: Abstraction and the American West

Students will analyze two pieces of abstract artwork. They will identify the elements of art. They will make line sketches of each piece. 

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