ALEX Classroom Resources

ALEX Classroom Resources  
   View Standards     Standard(s): [DLIT] (2) 15 :
9) Use a variety of digital tools to connect with other learners.

Examples: Online conferences, blogs, collaborative documents.

[DLIT] (5) 26 :
20) Collaborate locally and globally using online digital tools under teacher supervision.

Subject: Digital Literacy and Computer Science (2 - 5)
Title: RUFF RUFFMAN: The Internet and Chet

Hear about some ways to put the internet to good use from the much-loved character Ruff Ruffman, in this animated video from RUFF RUFFMAN: HUMBLE MEDIA GENIUS. With his uniquely comical style, Ruff helps students acquire some key twenty-first-century skills. This resource is part of the RUFF RUFFMAN: HUMBLE MEDIA GENIUS Collection. This video comes with a student guide that lists several things students do online to connect with others in their daily lives. This video can be played to introduce a lesson on digital tools.

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