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R6) Produce, review, and revise authentic artifacts that include multimedia using appropriate digital tools.

[DLIT] (3) 8 :
2) Analyze a given list of sub-problems while addressing a larger problem.

Example: Problem - making a peanut butter sandwich; sub-problem - opening jar, finding a knife, getting the bread.
Problem - design and share a brochure; sub-problem - selecting font, choosing layout.

[DLIT] (3) 13 :
7) Test and debug a given program in a block-based visual programming environment using arithmetic operators, conditionals, and repetition in programs, in collaboration with others.

Examples: Sequencing cards for unplugged activities, online coding practice.

[DLIT] (3) 28 :
22) Discuss the design process and use digital tools to illustrate potential solutions.

[DLIT] (3) 29 :
23) Implement the design process to solve a simple problem.

Examples: Uneven table leg, noise in the cafeteria, tallying the collection of food drive donations.

Subject: Digital Literacy and Computer Science (3)
Title: Computer Science Fundamentals Unit 5 Course D Lesson 10: Snowflakes With Anna and Elsa (2018)

Now that students know how to layer their loops, they can create so many beautiful things. This lesson will take students through a series of exercises to help them create their own portfolio-ready images using Anna and Elsa's excellent ice-skating skills!

In this series, students will get practice nesting loops while creating images that they will be excited to share. Beginning with a handful of instructions, students will make their own decisions when it comes to creating designs for repetition. They will then spin those around a variety of ways to end up with a work of art that is truly unique.

Students will be able to:
- break apart code into the largest repeatable sequences using both loops and nested loops.
- recognize the difference between using a loop and a nested loop.
- describe when a loop, nested loop, or no loop is needed.

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