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26) Explain why professionals may use models as logical representations of physical, mathematical, or logical systems or processes.

Example: Students will discuss why an engineer may build a model of a building before actually constructing the building.

[DLIT] (6) 33 :
27) Explain how simulations serve to implement models.

[DLIT] (8) 21 :
15) Critique computational artifacts, including options for accessibility for all users, with respect to the needs of a global culture.

Subject: Digital Literacy and Computer Science (6 - 8)
Title: Computer Science Discoveries Unit 4 Chapter 1 Lesson 4: User Interfaces (18-19)

See how a paper prototype can be used to test and get feedback on software before writing any code. To help out a developer with their idea, the class tests and provides an app prototype made of paper.

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