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ALEX Classroom Resources  
   View Standards     Standard(s): [HE] (0) 16 :
K.4.5) Identify characteristics of a trusted adult.

[HE] (1) 19 :
1.6.2) Describe ways that parents and other trusted adults can help a student achieve a health goal.

[HE] (2) 10 :
2.3.1) Explain the importance of identifying trusted adults and health professionals.

[HE] (2) 16 :
2.4.5) Demonstrate how to tell a trusted adult if inappropriate touching occurs.

Subject: Health Education (K - 2)
Title: How to Identify Trusted Adults

Now more than ever, it’s important to break down the stigma of youth mental health and let others understand that reaching out is not a sign of weakness but a step in the right direction.

This informational material discusses characteristics that students should look for in a trusted adult.

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