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ALEX Classroom Resources  
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1.8.1) Encourage peers to make positive health choices.

Examples: reminding peers to cover their nose and mouth when sneezing, offering helpful suggestions when peers are trying to resolve a conflict

[HE] (2) 2 :
2.1.2) Summarize motivations for eating food.

Examples: hunger, emotions

[HE] (2) 18 :
2.6.1) Describe various ways to reach a personal health goal.

[HE] (2) 20 :
2.7.1) Predict how healthy behaviors can reduce health risks.

Example: predicting how a healthy sleep routine promotes academic success

[HE] (2) 21 :
2.7.2) Describe personal behaviors that enhance safety at school, home, and within the community.

Examples: staying seated on the bus; surfing the Internet with caution; practicing water safety; learning self-defense skills

Subject: Health Education (1 - 2)
Title: Curriculum Family Sheets | In Defense of Food

These worksheets contain tips, ideas, and ways for families to work together to practice healthy eating habits at home each and every day. The sheets are printable and contain links to several videos on healthy eating.

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