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ALEX Classroom Resources  
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8.1.1) Explain how emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, mental, and social health affect each other.

a. Determine how social influences can affect physical health.

b. Describe how risky health behaviors affect the emotional, physical, and social health of adolescents.

[HE] (8) 9 :
8.2.4) Explain how societal perceptions influence healthy and unhealthy behaviors.

Examples: acceptance of teenage smoking and teenage pregnancy by peers, certain communities, and cultures

[HE] (8) 12 :
8.3.2) Identify situations that may require professional health services, including self-harm, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, sexual abuse, and harm toward others.

Subject: Health Education (8)
Title: Tech, Stress, and Depression

Statistics show some social media usage contributes to stress and depression in young people. In this video, discover ways experts are using digital tools to combat mental health issues in young people.

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